Paco 7 Stage 5A 12V Automatic Battery Conditioner Maintenance Charger
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Paco 7 Stage 5A 12V Automatic Battery Conditioner Maintenance Charger
Product Code: MLR.BEC2
Product Weight: 1600g
Ex VAT Price: £30.83
PACO Maintenance Charger Battery Conditioner

Paco Part No: MBC 1205

  • 7 Stage Automatic Charging: This is a fully automatic battery charger with 7 charge stages. Automatic charging protects the battery from being overcharged, so the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely. 7 Stage charging gives a comprehensive and accurate charging process that gives the battery longer life ad better performance compared to using traditional chargers.
  • Desulphation: The desulphation stage may break down sulphation that occurs in batteries that have been left for an extended period of time, returning them back to full charge.
  • Soft Start: A preliminary charge process that gently introduced power to the battery - this protects the battery and increases it's life.
  • Bulk (Constant Current): Bulk mode charges the battery at the maximum rate (constant current) putting a large amount of power into the battery in a short amount of time. This stage will charge the battery to approx. 80% until the voltage reaches 14.4v for a 12v charge.
  • Absorption (Constant Voltage): The charge rate slows down so the battery can absorb more power and reach 100% charge. The voltage remains at a constant 14.4v for a 12v charge while the current is gradually reduced until no more power can be added without overcharging the battery
  • Battery Test: An automatic battery test is conducted immediately after the absorption stage. The test monitors the voltage for 90 seconds to see if the charge was successful.
  • Recondition: The battery reconditioning function is initiated automatically in case the battery fails the battery test (stage 5). Reconditioning mode will then begin to introduce l low constant current for a period of 4hrs, then the charger will go into float charging mode. This reconditioning stage can recover batteries from a deeply discharged state increasing their performance and life
  • Float: The float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery. This mean the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely.
  • Input Voltage: 220/240v - 50hz
  • Input Power: 154w
  • Output Power: 12vDC - 5000mA
  • Minimum Start Voltage: 2v
  • Fuse Rating: 15a - 240v
  • Soft Start: Half Rated Current
  • Bulk: 5000mA (Up to 14.4v)
  • Absoption: Const. Voltage until below 0.75a
  • Battery Test: Voltage monitored for 90sec
  • Recondition: Const. 0.75a - up to 16v - for 4hrs
  • Float: 13.8v with pulse feature
  • Efficiency: Approx. 85%
  • Short Circuit: Protected
  • Reverse Polarity: Protected
  • Over Voltage: 17.5v protected
  • Thermal Protect: 65°c - -5°c
  • Cooling Fan: Auto thermal protected
  • Suits: 35-100Ah Lead acid (Inc. Calcium, Gel and AGM)
  • Charge Time: 7-24hrs
  • Dimensions: 190x115x62mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Certification: CE, CB, ROHS, SGS & TUV
  • Usage: Car, Boat, Motorhome, Motorcycle
  • Instructions included
  • For charging 12v Lead Acid batteries Only

Designed for Motorsport use