Remote Fuel Injection Pressure Testing Kit
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Remote Fuel Injection Pressure Testing Kit
Product code: MLR.WQ
Product weight: 300 grams
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MLR Remote Fuel Pressure Testing Kit

Universal Fitment

Suitable for most turbo/non turbo fuel injection systems

This kit is designed for fault diagnosis, testing and setting up the fuel pressure. The fuel pressure can be monitored whilst the car/engine is in motion, to test the entire fuel system under full load. This is a key area where loss of pressure/weak mixtures will cause loss of power at best, at worst holed pistons, detonation and engine failure.

Due the risk of high pressure fuel leaks and resulting fire it is NOT recommended for permanent fitment.

The gauge is a quality accurate liquid filled (gives a steady reading) gauge, and comes complete with 5ft gauge line, alloy fuel line t-piece and blanking plug.
All fuel pressure regulators slowly loose pressure over time and with exposure to heat from hot engine bays.

  • 40mm liquid filled gauge
  • 0-100psi scale
  • 0-7bar scale
  • 5ft nylon gauge line
  • Alloy T piece adaptor (8mm tails)
  • Blanking plug included
SAFETY NOTE: Fuel injection systems operate at high pressure. Check for fuel leaks before and during use. Do NOT allow the gauge line near HOT or MOVING engine parts, secure the gauge line during use.

Designed for Motorsport use
No instructions included

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