Weber Jaguar 3.8 4.2 Triple Weber 45DCOE Carburettor Conversion
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Weber Jaguar 3.8 4.2 Triple Weber 45DCOE Carburettor Conversion
Product code: MLR.AWN
Product weight: 10000 grams
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Product description
WEBCON Jaguar 3.8 4.2 Triple Weber 45 DCOE Carb Conversion

Webcon Part No: PJA301C

Webcon triple DCOE kit for 3.8/4.2 engine as fitted to E Type

Kit Includes: 
  • 1x British made intake manifold
  • 3x Genuine Spanish Weber 45DCOE 152G carburettors (4 progression hole)
  • 1x Webcon rod linkage set
  • Studs, nuts washers and mountings
The carburettors are superbly jetted to offer a truly Turnkey package on stock motors delivering great power, torque without excessive fuel consumption. The use of 4 progression holes ensures that the transition from idle is smooth and flat spot free.

This calibration works well on road cars. For higher states of tune, it is recommended that the carburettors be set up on a rolling road.

Filters are not supplied, but we recommend the use of our Mesh filters AFM4563 seen HERE

The length of the manifold and carburettor assembly is 235mm excluding airhorns. The stock airhorns supplied with the kit are 62mm giving an overall length of 297mm.

If this is too long for your application, we have airhorns available as follows:
  • Air Horn - Overall length
  • 16mm - 251mm
  • 26mm - 261mm
  • 39mm - 274mm
  • 55mm - 290mm
Please note that, owing to our policy of continous improvement, kit contents may be subject to change without prior notice.

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